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Tan Yuyang was checking Xie Yuxin out. Suddenly, he smiled too. Brother Xie, we have to work well together during this period of time. The Battle of the Oracle is about to begin. The Oracle Star will be fully open. The Sacred Religion will not interfere with anyone or any power. Everyone will have an opportunity. The ultimate winner will possess everything. Death will be the only thing for the loser.


Noel returned with a spiritual blast, and Heracles’ brain roared immediately. Following closely, the spire of the Guillotine mech’s double-edged hatchet frantically slashed out at the Phantom King. Unprepared, the Phantom King was hit, but the black Rune Energy Shield blocked the attack. Afterall, Heracles possessed strong mental power, subconsciously pulling the distance apart. The Phantom avatar…


Wang Zheng’s gaze burned brightly in the dark. Confidence was for others to see. He had to have faith that he would be undefeated. However, he himself knew the opponents’ strength, especially as there was no clear background information on the few of them. Even if Ai Xiaolu had investigated, only the tip of the iceberg would be found. Owing to the Greatest King Competition, with the addition of being tried by quite a number of people in the qualifiers, no matter how confident Wang Zheng was, he could feel that he could only be victorious through surprises. The only thing that he was confident that could not be deciphered was the Atomic Bomb, but this was a move that could greatly harm his own self almost as much as it could harm his opponents. As for the rest, he had no absolute certainty. But this was in situations where he controlled the flow. Once the opponent grasped control of the rhythm, it would be hard.


People were shocked by the control of the energy of the Mayans, lamented the insolence of Saruman Snake, and admired the perfect integration of the Sword Shield Rose. But when they saw the true uses of the runes of the Atlanteans, their brains could not comprehend what had happened and everything was blank.


In the end, the designation of the route saw Yan Xiaosu in charge of a stretch with six federations, three empires, and another three independently governed planets. In all, he needed to obtain 12 shipping special customs permits.


Wang Zhengs Rune Warrior attempted to use the Space Aisle. But he seemed to have forgotten that the place had been surrounded by Dina Atlas spiritual marks. Instantly, the rune cage imprisoned Wang Zheng. This momentary sluggishness had seen the Energy Cannon blasting at him.

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However, all this… was not what she wanted. However, she knew that once it was made public, every Aslan person would support it.


Before coming to SIG, Jondi Lilick felt that he was pretty handsome, as well as talented, incomparable to others. After coming here, he realized that he had been living in his own bubble.


Lear finally struck. The Eternal Aries struck like lightning, like a silver snake striking towards the Ice Mace.


Those eyes that were limitless like an ice abyss gave people an uncomfortable feeling.


“Which one of you is interested in the second match?” asked Lin Feng with a smile. The mood within the Sword Shield Rose battle team was obviously very relaxed.


Bolet pondered and recorded. This was an exception. Although it was not too widely seen, it would be a good question for the special forces.


This guy had not skived from the moment the examination had begun. How could the honest to goodness leader of Saruman Snake possess a low quality Ability X?



Upon seeing the space ripples, Dendi knew that it was Zhang Shans space transfer. Although not comparable to teleportation, the speed of the transfer was rather slow, and needed mental marker. This meant that Zhang Shan was using Montero as a marker. This was Zhang Shans real killer move. He had been secretly imitating Dendi. However, his move was not perfect. Transferring next to your opponent at a slow speed was courting death.



The competition format was 3+2. Three rounds of single challenge, and then one team battle. The team battle was worth two points, and the single challenges 1 each.


This was the true use of the Atlanteans’ runes. The rigid use of the runes used by the Phantom King and the Specter King was meant for elementary students.


A sense of nervousness filled the room of the four little beauties. This was the moment when destiny would be decided. If Wang Zheng lost, he would be out. Jondi Lilick would then become the best candidate to marry the princess. Kashawen had already spread the word, and under such circumstances, it was difficult to go back on her word. Could Aina go against her wishes?

  • Attacking simultaneously, the Phantom X’s Cross locked up.
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